on-premise amenities

Live it up? Take it easy? Either way, it’s all you

All of our onsite amenities and services are created to provide something for everyone. From health to hanging out, there’s a spot devoted to it.


Work it. Cardio gear, yoga space & free weights—the fitness room is set up with everything you need to boost endorphins, lower stress, and get the ol’ heart pumping.

Community Kitchen:

Holiday meals. Morning coffee talk. Located next to the historic community room, residents will be able to utilize the fully equipped community kitchen for any meal — big or small.

Community Room:

Upscale-downtime. Sometimes a comfy spot, a nice book and basking in the sun is as good as it gets. The first-floor historic community area is set for all types of activities. Hang out in our soft seating area—perfect for quiet time, rock in a rocking chair, or enjoy hanging with friends while listening to tunes on the community record player.

Building history

The Southern Hotel

You are now a part of history. Intrada lives in the former Southern Hotel—a classical revival style building built for Rock Island Railroad travelers and a major piece of El Reno’s proud heritage. This restored National Register of Historic Places is ready to provide safety and sanctuary once again.